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Be part of the virtual experience of the Prima Program! Prima Danse creates new ways to bring young people together safely. You can now meet our team of specialist interveners virtually! This digital platform supports you in achieving the intentions of the Education Program. These online training sessions in the form of interactive and educational videos promote physical and mental health among all young people in Quebec and Canada!

Our Workshops


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Our on-demand workshops

Prima Danse - Affirmation de soi - Barré


The assertiveness workshop speaks extensively about diversity, be it cultural, physical or sexual. Recent social contexts have given rise to important movements such as Black Lives Matter, the continuation of #MeToo, the importance of good mental health and valuing openness to others. Despite a pandemic that has caused fear and isolation for many, Prima Danse provides a healthy, non-judgmental and safe environment.



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Prima Danse - Stéréotype de genre - Barré

Gender stereotype

The workshop on gender stereotypes leads to discussions and exchanges on self-acceptance, that of others and an awareness of the different gender identities, social roles and standards dictated by the media and society. How do gender stereotypes influence our choices and decisions on a daily basis? How to express your femininity or your masculinity? The answers will be discussed together in a healthy and inclusive environment.



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Prima Danse - Éducation sexuelle - Barré

Sexuality in the media

How to bring up the subject of social media with young people. A subject that can be delicate when we don’t live the same reality. The impact of the media can be negative on young people without them realizing it. The important thing is to develop their critical mind in order for them to question the media and not themselves. Prima Danse is there to discuss the image conveyed by society and to break the misconception of the perfect image which undermines the personal confidence of young people.

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Unlimited Access

This package will allow you to work on different transversal skills through the different workshops offered. In order to save you preparation time in class, Prima Danse offers you ready-to-use and reliable content! Each capsule is adapted to the reality of young people in order to promote discussion and their critical thinking. Unlimited access is ideal for your sustainable learning needs.



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School environment

Digital platform addressing the different areas of learning, general areas of training as well as transversal skills: Develop a critical mind with regard to the media Accept your difference, understand body diversity and develop a healthy body image Exploit information and develop curiosity without judgment Openness to the world and cultural diversity by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Identity, roles, gender stereotypes and social standards of the sexuality education program


For young people at home or for youth organizations, this digital program promotes physical and mental exercise! Dance, through exercises accessible to all, allows you to express yourself differently, to have a unique voice and to be in contact with other motivated and motivating young people! This web platform promotes sharing, exchange, openness and a safe way to get together virtually while keeping a 100% human approach. We sometimes look for new ways to bring young people together and interact with them. Expressing yourself in words is not always so easy for everyone. With the help of these capsules, Prima Danse offers you the tools to develop body expression through dance. Social art can encourage young people to open up more, and thus create new bonds. Find out more by visiting the Prima Danse portal!

Remote areas

A structured and professional quality resource accessible at lower cost. Our online video capsules and live virtual conferences offered by our team of qualified interveners will appeal to young people and will certainly get them moving. Is your school located a little further from urban cities and your possibilities sometimes seem limited? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you! Not only can you have direct access to the Prima Danse workshops at all times, you can also save on certain additional costs! Find out more by visiting the Prima Danse portal!


Turnkey, available at all times, this online support adapts to your schedule and can be used for several groups of young people at the same time. You don’t have to worry about the organization, the goal is to save you time and free you from these tasks! This digital program allows school workers and youth professionals to interact between schools in a healthy and safe environment. For an even more personalized approach, practical training is also available on request while respecting physical distancing. Why are Prima Danse capsules suitable for everyone? Because these are turnkey workshops available at all times! You can follow a team of qualified and structured professionals to discuss social issues according to the reality of young people. This approach allows long-term support for different needs! Find out more by visiting the Prima Danse portal!

Prima Danse

Prima Danse has been around for 10 years!

In existence since 2010, Prima Danse is a non-profit organization that uses dance as a means of social intervention to address societal issues for better physical and mental health. Our team of interveners was able to meet tens of thousands of young people and seniors from all walks of life, across Quebec, and even in Canada.

Dance is an inclusive tool for better living together

The objective of Prima Danse is to forge lasting bonds between the people of the communities. Whatever the nationalities, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, gender, differences, dance brings everyone together because it is an accessible and universal means of expression for all.

Here are just a few of our many customers who already trust us and continue to do so every year.

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